SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 10AM – 12PM

The Entrepreneur Nation™ Members and Leaders are scheduled to make a powerful presentation to our members and entrepreneurs.

Tomorrow, I will give you the details of what each speaker is presenting but here is the leader we have this week. We have been practicing our presentation in a small group and now we are all set to reach everyone wherever you’re.

JUST make a decision to join this webinar presentation on Tuesday:

Lucy Jeffrey: CEO / Moderator
Natalie Brezden: Lawyer / Franchise Partner
Ken Roberts: Mortgage Broker / Corporate Sponsor
Dani Hanna: Mortgage Broker / Corporate Sponsor
Nick Borisavljevic: IIROC Licenced Financial Advisor
Andrew Crook: Real Estate Broker of Record
Steve Hebden: Financial Planner
Deborah King Vreman – Regional Vice President / Financial Advisor
Tom Locke: Licensed Insolvency Trustee
Jennifer Mercer: HR Consultant
Stacey Zegers: Real Estate Investor
Michel Castillo: Litigation Lawyer
Derek Sarluis: Mediator / Former VP in Insurance
Derek Bindner: Executive Leadership Coach
Mike Howard: Accountant, CPA

We hope you will join us online from your home/office.

Members of The Entrepreneur Nation™, check your email shortly with registration details. You have the first priority before we open to the public